Thursday, May 14, 2015

Richard Berman – Lyric Driven Fellow-Traveler

Richard Berman - Top Ten Finalist
Wildflower!Singer/Songwriter Contest
Authentic folk music creates stories that take you through a wide range of feelings and experiences.  Richard Berman is a classic American folk storyteller and the Massachusetts based singer-songwriter a true craftsman of the art.

When asked about his genre, Berman says “I would call myself a lyric driven singer/songwriter in the folk tradition- but please don’t ask me to define that tradition.”

The sources of inspiration for Richard’s lyrics are quite varied; some from his own experiences, observations of those around him, imagination, and literature ranging from Greek myths to the Bible, and even an evocative novel. “I write for myself and for those fellow-travelers who love stories that touch them, raise questions, or just tickle their fancy.” - Richard Berman

John Carroll - Every Word and Note Counts

John Carroll - Top Ten Finalist
Wildflower! Singer/Songwriter
“Music is something that has always been there,” says John Carroll. His mother is a church pianist, his father a drummer. When he was five years old John started piano lessons. But John says it wasn’t until high school that he took up the guitar and everything changed. Music became his platform of expression and gave John an identity. 

“When I want to grapple with an idea or even just to write a fun story, music is my language.” - John Carroll

This Nashville based singer-songwriter looks to the likes Paul Simon, Vienna Teng, and Billy Joel as lyricists of the highest ranking; poets with an incredible attention to detail.  Guitar player songwriters like Dave Matthews and John Mayer have had a great influence as well, proving to be some of the building blocks for Carroll’s style of acoustic guitar playing.  John also loves Broadway music for its story-telling. He says Jason Robert Brown and Stephen Schwartz rank among the best writing currently.